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Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Protecting your home

We’ve all heard how the cost of long-term care can eat-up the value of the family home. If you want to protect your property being sold to pay care home fees, action must be taken before moving into care. The solution is reasonably straightforward and inexpensive. Sapphire Wealth Consultncy will be happy to explain how we can help to protect this valuable asset, potentially saving your Estate tens of thousands of pounds.

The cost of care

Care Home charges are currently at an all-time high, with the national average weekly cost being put at £750* per week - that’s £3000 each month, and with the average stay in care being just over 4 years, the total bill could amount to a staggering £144,000, thus substantially reducing the value of the family home.
So if you would like information on how it may be possible to protect your home against this happening, or if you have elderly parents and wish to discuss this type of Asset Protection Planning, please contact Rick Wyse at Sapphire Wealth Ltd.

*Source: Laing & Buisson, Care of Elderly People Report 2011/12.